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    Do you want to become a successful Tilapia breeder at home? 


    This powerful, simple and comprehensive training webinar onorganic and enhanced Tilapia Breeding by expert John Musser.  This is a one of a kind training. John Musser has used his techniques to help orphans in developing countries around the world easily breed prize Tilapia through his nonprofit organization - Aquaponics and Earth. 

    A couple years ago, John gave 47 three inch Tilapia breeders to an orphanage in Mexico. In just six months, they produced an estimated 15,000 fish of various sizes. Now they are master breeders.

    There is no other "How to" tilapia farming training as simple, well illustrated, and without confusion that will get you up and going right away. 

    During this webinar, John will take all the mystery and confusion out of how to properly breed and raise Tilapia at home. He will also share information on how to avoid the pitfalls that most aspiring Tilapia farmers make in:

      • Choosing the right location to start your at-home Tilapia farm
      • How to set up your brood, nursery, and grow out tanks
      • How to select quality brood stock
      • Fundamentals of fry care
      • How to sex tilapia 
      • * Our Secret Tilapia Food Recipe we have used for years that will accelerate your fry’s growth safely and organically! This process alone is worth the cost of the webinar, as it will produce a superior brood stock and set your Tilapia’s growth speeds to reach maturity faster.
      • After it's done, you'll also receive the webinar digitally for download, so you’ll be able to reference it at any time in the future.
      • *SPECIAL BONUS**  As our special gift to help you, you'll receive our 7 Steps to Tilapia Farming Ebook ($49 Value) full of helpful articles and must-have tips to get you going right away. 

    A Word From John

    I used to offer only my fry care training for $325 and tilapia breeding at $500 per person. With this webinar you get $825 worth of training for only $198. I don’t know how long our staff will offer this, but since you've come this far, you'll definitely want to get in on this training while you can.

    Become the ultimate Tilapia Breeder for food, fun, fertlizer, and profit!" 

    But don't just take our word for it!


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