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    Introducing The Aquaponics and Earth Cinderblock/Raised-Bed Gardening Method

    Now you can:

    • Easily grow more organic non-GMO food than you can handle in your own backyard garden, without dirt or harmful fertilizers in just 6-8 inches of substrate!
    • Use 50% less water.
    • Grow on top of rocky or infertile land. 
    • Weed less.
    • Not worry about harmful fertilizers or pesticides that were used on the land previously.
    • Make your own AMAZING homemade substrates/grow mix.


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    3+ hours of in-depth training with Organic Gardening & Aquaponics Expert John Musser, and discover the simple secrets of his cinderblock gardening system, called “the most unique and bountiful step-by-step food growing system in the world.”

    This DVD Training includes the in-depth outdoor demonstration, training, and teaching and Q&A. It also comes with an electronic copy of the training notes. Major agricultural scientists have visited the Aquaponics and Earth Sustainable Living microfarm trying to discover the secret to growing huge crops in only 6 inches of substrate. Now you’ll have access to these organic gardening secrets 24-7! With this training you’ll be able to:

    • Easily grow a successful organic garden that supplies your family with healthy, fresh vegetables!
    • Develop a healthy sustainable food supply in your backyard with minimal investment
    • Gain peace of mind knowing you have a 100% organic, non-GMO food supply right in your backyard with no toxins or deadly chemicals
    • Enjoy easy gardening, with little weeding, and huge harvests in just 6 inches of substrate!
    • Includes Videos, Class Notes & 3 Bonuses!  

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